“correct,Do one month,We tied hair up。”The white dream said, pick up the rubber band on the hair of the Shao Palace.。

“What is this ceremony??”
“Will be a ceremony.,Girl before the battlefield,It has to switch the hairstyle to single horses.,I will give it to me.。”
that’s it,Two people,Double horsetail!
“Rush,Rushing this exam,We have everything!”After entering the horsetail state,Shaoong seems to begetThisfee,The whole person suddenly suffers.。
She is awkward,Bright white dreams,Pulled into the examination room,Become the most chiped scenery across the examination room。
“The former president’s battle has begun.,Then you are here.?”Stars eating a white chocolate cake,The eyes naturally turned to the science。
Say,In her mouth,The white dream has been nicknamed by the former president.?
The last piece of the cake,Science is also very simple.,Stroke:“Unlucky。”
The star laughs,Just now, Shao Gu is still deliberately emphasizing that there is no end of this declant.,And the Koho is now like this head to this word.。
“Then I can only wish you a practice.。”
January 22nd,Setame。
Qingdao deer is lying in bed calling big sleep。
Winter is her sluggish,In addition to the competitive status,Its clinical symptoms are true, true, literal, clinical symptoms.,Anyway, I can’t get the bed.。
Time to the Hokkaido,She is a stable and late awake。
Although it is reluctant to be pulled here.,But lying on my own comfortable bed,The whole leg is soft,Brief,It’s just that such salted fish will be calculated.。
One sentence,In the spring, I remember to call me.。
The voice of dialogue came from outside the door:“Deer still didn’t wake up??”
“A lady,Miss, she played a game machine last night, she didn’t play this.。”
“Oh?That is also a good sign.,At least, she is alone in Tokyo,Still handling a lot of friends, especially male http://www.sdreshui.cn aspects.,After all, a group of girls are together,Most, will not touch this thing.。”
“Great,Miss can have a long day。”
“hehe,Get gratifying, gratifying me, giving me her,People who shoot for her show have been waiting for a long time in the living room.!”
The first is a slight knockout。
Then it is violent knocking。
Then then the spray sound。
Yue Island’s sleeping eyebrow wrinkled,With the physical consciousness, the quilt will be wrapped up.,Success and sound insulation。
The final door is forcibly opened by the backup key.。
Qingdao deer in the bed is shaking,Suddenly woke up,I aim a look outside the nest.。
Parent,Already standing at the door,The face is a murderous smile。
Single from the appearance,The two are still very attractive,But as a mother in the mother,The eyes are ripe, and it is http://www.fu1314.cn much fierce.,Imitation。
“My lovely daughter,Do you know that today is the day you accept interviews??”Mrs. Chiangjima“kind”Directive to the daughter’s bed,A ass sitting in this pudding as a comfortable soft bed。
Suddenly touched bed sensation,Let Yue Island a cool in the heart。
“In order to take care of your hibernation,People have specially moved their interviews to our home.,As a result, you will show a bed here.,Don’t you think you should take the initiative to squat on the shame of the chess circles??Um?”A pair of cold hands to explore the bed,Stimulate on the back of the sunny island。
“Ice ice!”
“Oh?Awake,Wake up, just click,Wear your neutralized cotton you often,Wearing this interview will compare a little more,Today’s interview is about your growth,Maybe you have to turn out some photos of your http://www.hzaipeng.cn childhood.。”
Because it is frozen,Qingdao deer got up the air episodes,A round,Spring with the quilt into the spring roll together。
“Pigeon,today,Let them come back again!”The sound of Qingdao deer was bored in the quilt。
“Ah,This accident is hard, good.,Mom, I admit that I should call you in this way.,Let’s change it.,Chat,Naturally awake”Sunny Island lady sitting,A state of a long-term battle。