“Thank you for the saving.!”Ouyangke is annoyed this dog fart,Make yourself lose,But it is not willing to give more ugly,So the same as courtesy。

Order people who are not familiar with him,It is also a problem that it is not a chess game.,Instead of this Ouyang Shazhuang!
Su Xing River has not taken his eyes.——Oh, you will still have a tender.,Actually, I still have a heart.……
“Amitabha,I can’t think of this little drum,There is also a wonderful person of the class.,I don’t know if I have a small meeting.?”I saw a Tubo monk,Take an unusual step,At this time, I jumped directly from the cliff.。
“It turned out to be Tubo National Normal University.,Please enter。”Mr. Caller is really unbued at this time.,Even the Cong Zhi is recognized.。
摩 智 智 智 智 看,Nothing is nothing“Seat”,Everyone is on the air or standing or sitting,Also see Duan Yu。
Duan Yu has some young people’s heart,Arch toward him,Challenge。
智 智 智,A deep face:“The original paragraph is also,In the first two years, Xiaoyu invited Duan Shi to live in Jiangnan.,The result is a lot of misunderstandings.,I am still looking for a little sister.。”
“Master assured,Next time I saw it.,You tell me father,I do everything is good.,I believe in the masters,My father is also trustworthy.。”Duan Yu, I don’t know why, who is the yin and yang strange。
摩 智 智 闻,Swoke:“Still Duan Gong accompanys Xiao Yan,Go to the town of Nanwang to find it.!”
Duan Yu wondered? Then, Fu Zhi is really in the public.,Come to yourself。
Originally praised? 摩 智 智 说 自重 自重? At least there should be a look at the occasion……
However, Duan Yu is now“Slighted sword”and“Lingbo slightly”,I have been told many? Faced with Duo Zhi, not……especially“Lingbo slightly”。
Album,As if I see Duo Zhi is in a moment? Have a laugh? Double eyes also faintly red light? It is very different from the solemn image of our usual treasure.。
Because of a flash,Duan Yu is only an illusion。
Just then,Suddenly another young man,Stand out? Light power to the side of the must-see the road to Duan Yu? Take two tricks with the fan of the sword,Right, it is reluctant to block him.。
This impede,智 智 is normal,See the people who have many other Zhongyuan Wulin? Watching yourself with your alert and dissatisfaction,So the next stop。
“I don’t know if this son is……”摩 智 智 得 夫 这 的 功夫? Not simple。
Although it is far less than yourself,But put in the young life……Do not,Putting throughout the big rivers and lakes,Also barely, it is first class!
“Late Li Xihua,Here is the Central Plains,National teacher and Duan Shizi,Are our guests,I hope that the teacher should not do what makes the owner’s difficult things.。”Li Xihua seems to be polite,In fact, the warning of the inner side。
Many people know,It’s a surprised color……
Even surprised,Also have a lot of envy……妒,Especially the Chu Deirers did not have a revenge.,妒http://www.googlewatch.cn is full over overflow。
Cause no,Li Xihua——People’s list!
Topping above,Ornament is the Jiangnan people account for a large half of the wall.,After all, the list is also the background list.……
But Li Xihua is different,Not only North,And it is still shorter than the Chu Dee.,But quickly became the first。
He is not a background、background,But……Song Ting’s championship is correct!
This person is too correct.,Not only martial arts、young,And my father is the first year of the first Song’s righteous army.,Finally, after attacking the capital,Corrupted righteous army kill,at the same time……This is also sure,Always。
Nothing is the victim of the corrupt dog fart army,Anti-Queens,Correct to this part,Song Ting is of course bigger propaganda。
As in《Lu Ding Ji》In the original,This is Li Yanzhi,And it is Jin Yongwu http://www.egxrm.cn Man series,Flourish“Master”……