Yue Lingxi is busy this afternoon.,Summer is not good,The work is also difficult to strengthen。

Yue Lingxi went to a factory,She is mainly responsible for their own,Not so tired。
Back to the company in the afternoon,Ready to get up to get off work back to the hotel。
“have a look,That is Yuemei,Just enter the company, please two fakes.,How do you say that her http://www.asszero.cn face is so big??”
“Who knows??Anyway, the fake is approved,I heard that yesterday, I asked the Song Assistant personally called.。”
“what!This will not be a dress relationship.?”
Yue Lingxi just out of the elevator,I heard a few designers say this.。
Yue Lingxi walks,Several designers have grown hard to work back jobs。
Yue Lingxi face is very bad,Take out your phone,Send a message to Lu Weijun。
[Song Assistant helped me yesterday,How to know how companies know?]
Lu Weijun, who is meeting, seeing the phone vibrating,Look at it,Slight eyebrow,Reply:[What’s wrong?Someone is hard to?]
Yue Lingxi:[Not,That is, I heard some idlessions.。]
Lu Weijun:“Song Yu is just talking to the summer,Others don’t know this matter。”
Yue Lingxi,so,这件事情是夏芹说出来的吗?
第2370章 你换个身份http://www.fysanlultd.cn
悦灵溪想了想,又给Lu Weijun发了一条消息过去,她低着头打字,白色的灯光照的她的小脸越发白皙,垂着眼眸,卷翘的睫毛如同蝶翼在缓缓煽动。
一个人if等到了自己的星光,那是人生中多么幸运的事情呀,哪怕是隔着山,隔着海,Atlantic,Heart will not put down the thoughts of each other,Long wait,Just in gathering happiness。
She also hopes that this love has end。
She replied:[if it is possible,I want to announce the day we get married.。如果,We can get married。]
He knows that Lu Yujun is indifferent to overbearing,But enough to respect her,She dares to say this。
陆梓俊:[好!I miss you!]
Yue Lingxi instantly red face,She rushed to run back to the office.。
Lu Weijun looked at the http://www.novamaterial.cn other party did not return the news,I have entered a lengthy waiting。
After the sales manager reported,Lu Wei is still staring tightly,He is back,Will n’t it be wrong??
Song Yu let the sales manager sit down,Manager this is reluctant,To know,Lu Wei’s means is more than his father.,They are all conscientious work。
Song Yu looked at the president of the in love,Hard feeling。
“President,the conference has ended。”Song Yu reminded。
Lu Weijun,Indifferent:“Break。”
I have to deal with the cooperation of Fanjia for a while.,Dare to design him,To undertake the consequences。
Everyone is like a special,One of the office is afraid of the office。
Lu Weijun slightly,This summer, there is a problem.。