This is a fact。

How can he be willing to surrender?。
“Since this,Then let’s continue to cooperate,You don’t have to call me,I have no big ambitions.,Just want to revenge。”
“……good,OK,That,That summer,Ms. Xia……What do we do next?。”
Summer, Summer, eunish,“Don’t pay attention to the world,Next to Changsheng Door,I think the Changshengmen don’t have to exist.。”
The next morning。
Biological clock habit,Summer early morning。
He looked at the house next to it.,Pink,Fall away from the hospital。
Looking into the small wood exercise next to it like a child。
When the sun is about to rise again,Operate homemade breathing,Tard Tan。
Working in the year,I took the hot air and I returned to the hospital.。 After a moment,He became lost。
He just found,Mother’s summer is left.。
Or,She is almost left overnight.。
Summer touching mobile phone,Open the phone book,Soon find a number。
He hesitated,I finally dialed the past。
Blind sound came from the handset,And the other party has passed the prompt。
Summary between summer looks,Silent,Spit out a sigh,Then I came out of the courtyard。
He also got a long time before the two graves.,Follow the mountain。
en route,I dial a few calls again.。
Sure enough, as he guess,Summer nine,Still in continuous fermentation。
also,There is also a message that Bruce was killed,Also triggered a sensation。
Non-domestic arms,Still abroad,They are all discussing。
Many of these forces are full of uneasiness.。
To know,It’s a service,Many forces at home and abroad participated,Some major gathers including the ancient martial arts。
Today, most people are falling.,But still scared is clear。
Xia Jiuwei,I killed Bruce, I appeared.,Who knows how much she is strong?。
Plus the summer this Huaxia New Wushen。
Mother and child two people join hands,Who can be their opponent under the bottom of the world??
NS3028chapter The truth is too cruel cool, people crazy
Summer returned to the Beijing Old House。