Niu Niu,Each bubble,I will drill directly into the nest.!Water must stay in the room,Wait until the next morning。

Zhou can’t stand this,Said, she didn’t change her.,Take the Niu Niu every night.。
Check the quilt of Niu Niu, there is no touch。
“Of course!I haven’t seen it for so long.!Did Niu Niu is not happy??”
“no,I also hope that they will come back.!Home is lively,It’s too cold in the next day.!Listen to myself talking.!”
“That’s not!People in this life,Don’t you figure a lot??Take the quilt,Fast falling to the ground!”
Niu Niu smashed the troops,I just saw it.,Obviously there is still a distance from the ground
“mother,When will you give me a brother?!”
Niu Niu strive to wide,I can’t stare at my own mother.,Indicate oneself。
Years’ face is rapidly red by the speed of the naked eye。
“Child home,What is it??If you have a brother,My mother can still be so good to you.?These small dolls,Can have your share?”
Niu Niu eyes bright。
Mother said this,It means hope!
If you have your brother sister,I have to be divided by myself.。
If you want to do something, you will be more relaxed.!
Say,Niu Niu felt a lot of uncle,Every time I have, I will directly let the small hair pass a note.,Other 啥 have not done。
“If your brother likes,I can let the puppet give him!As you have, you have given me something like you.!”
“I will love him well.!I can teach him to recognize words.、Write!I have learned a lot with my big brother.!I will still plant it.”
Niu Niu’s mouth,I can’t wait to give myself a brother now.。
“alright, alright!Your child!You can’t do this in all things in the weekdays.,I can’t touch it.,Now it is a gift?go to sleep now!”
I don’t know if it is anger.,Zhou’s face is close to the face。
Niu Niu smirked。
Happy days is coming soon.!
210chapter Relative
Su Qiang is in the yard to harvest the appliance to use the appliance,Niu Niu is a boilly drinking。
“This tone listened to the strangeness,But shouting is still strange,If the Niu Niu can’t eat after it,Can also go out to make a drink!”
Grandpa and Su Grandma together in the grass rope to be used,Listening to the girl’s drink,Laughing pleats。
“How can you talk so?,Curse younger and grandchildren can’t eat!”
“I just say this.!Let’s have a blessing baby.!After the iron is 啥 要 啥,Marriage is not over!”
“grandfather!You said again!What is good for those who are three wives and three wives?!Grandpa grandmother is so envious of each other.!”
“I said,As long as you practice,It will definitely get up the days.!Right?father!”
“Yes!I said this.!Tell me like you, do you teach me like this?!”