“daughter,My daughter!”

“niece,My good niece!”
Guan Xiaozhen and her younger siblings cried loudly as soon as they entered the ward,I couldn’t help but rushed towards Li Qianying on the hospital bed。
Mo Xiaosheng was shocked when he saw their posture,Sat down on the ground,Stunned。
At this time, Li Qianying, who had regained his vitality in the hospital bed, was awakened by the shouts of his mother and aunt.,When I opened my eyes, I saw my mother and aunt rushing towards me crying and crying,Can’t help but whisper to my mother。
But it doesn’t matter what she shouts,It shocked the aunt who thought she was dead,Suddenly jumped up,Shriek:“Oh my god!”
Aunt Li Qianying’s face is pale,I thought it was a corpse,But when I see Li Qianying on the hospital bed, although his face is tired,But my face is ruddy,Bright eyes,Suddenly shocked,Where is this dead!Is this okay??
Compared to her fierce reaction,Guan Xiaozhen’s reaction was more calm,After hearing my daughter’s voice,She just stunned,After she sees that the daughter on the bed has woken up,She was incredulous at first,Then I was ecstatic,His face bursts with a bright look like never before,Shouted:“daughter!”
The voice fell off,She jumped over,Kneeling before the bed,Head on the bedding,I hugged my daughter’s head in both hands and cried,There is a kind of joy in my voice,At the same time, there is a kind of grievance after the storm!
“what happened?what happened?”
Li Zhenbei and Li Qianhui outside the door changed their faces,Thought something happened,Slapped the door and asked loudly。
Li Qianying’s aunt hurried to the door,Shouted at the door:“Qianying is fine,Alright!”
“His little aunt,when……really?”
Li Zhenbei’s face outside the door suddenly shocked,Asked with an incredulous trembling。
“Big brother,I dare to talk nonsense about this kind of thing!”Aunt Li Qianying immediately rushed forward,“And ah,Qianying has woken up now,Ruddy face,But pretty!”
“Great!Great!God bless,God bless!”