As someone who understands the plot,Li Chenfeng knows very well what will happen to Kuiweitang in the future,Tao:“That woman is very ambitious,And the means are extraordinary,Although Chen Sheng and Wu Kuang are strong,But it may not be able to hold her down,Maybe we will have the opportunity to cooperate in the future……”

Whether Chen Sheng and Wu Kuang will be framed in the future is not a matter of Li Chenfeng or something,But Kuiweitang itself is in Wei State,If such a force can be in your own hands,So it’s a big help for Li Chenfeng,So when Kuiweitang changes in the future,I can actually intervene。
Put this matter aside for now,Li Chenfeng turned his head and looked at Xuanjian,Tao:“how about it,What will I receive this time??”
Although Li Chenfeng already has a lot of power in his hands,But these things are on the surface,It’s not convenient for them to deal with many secret things,So he asked Xuan Jian to recruit some good assassins three days ago。
As for Xuan Jian,Although only Li Chenfeng and Dianqing know his identity,But because of Wei Xianxian and his son,At this time Xuan Jian can no longer be called a real assassin,So Li Chenfeng just arranged for him to be his personal guard,In the future, if you have the opportunity, you will slowly step onto the stage with your new identity。
“People have brought,Fourteen in total,Are all good players in the arena,But the ones who are really famous in the arena,only one,Black widow!”
Heard the name,What Li Chenfeng first thought of was the widow sister in the previous life……But I reacted immediately,This is basically two completely different worlds,So obviously it can’t be the person I thought of。
“This person was a lone killer,Saved by me after a failed assassination,So I joined the net with me。”
Li Chenfeng frowned and thought about it,I really found such a person in my memory。
This black widow’s appearance should be when he followed Xuan Jian to chase Wei Yong in Weijiazhuang,Make good use of unique weapons——Ruthless wire weaves a net to strangle targets。Trapped the two people in Weijiazhuang with the ruthless silk formation,Unexpectedly, Gane used blood to make the sword formation appear,Then the net array was cracked by Wei Zhuang’s all directions。Then rushed back to Weijiazhuang to cooperate with Xuanjian to hunt Wei Yong,In order to help Xuan Jian betrayed the net without hesitating to violate the order of the sun,But was disturbed by Li Wu’s flute attack,Was later killed by the general wall。
Obviously,This woman is considered a close friend of Xuanjian,Very loyal to him。As for the strength,Can trap the two people in their youth,And the resume of killing the famous killer poisonous bird of Chu,Obviously a celebrity in the assassin world,It’s a good candidate。
As for the other dozen,Xuan Jian was a terrifying thief on the rivers and lakes before joining the net,Nature has its own power in the hands。
But although there are thousands of assassins in the arena,But in addition to carefully cultivated by various countries,A lone assassin is hard to get ahead,Strength improvement is also limited,So I want to really build strength,It takes some time to cultivate。
This is not a big problem for Li Chenfeng now,He now has enough money and time to wait for these people to grow。
I dare not say let them catch up with Qin’s snare,But at least I can help myself solve some domestic stumbling blocks.。
Wei Guo is now at his weakest time,But it’s not easy to truly be in your own hands。
Don’t talk about others,Just say that Wei Wangzeng is now,Is a cheap father of his own identity,Whether it was the previous Wei Yong period or when everyone was dividing power in the court,Wei Wang’s performance is very mediocre,Even cowardly,There is no majesty and determination that a king should have。