Raise your hand and slap。

direct,And gave the seven seniors a slap。
Beat,Seven brothers at this moment,Buzzing head。
Nima’s,You play with me?
I have no response,Just slap me。
of course,These seven brothers dare not say this。
But secretly staying in my heart。
“Junior Brother is really amazing,This is the essence。”
“But this one,I also learned。”
“Junior Brother,Can’t use some,Moves I haven’t learned,Call me to see?”
Wait a while,I killed you。
Dare to hit me so hard,and,It made my head hum。
“The pavilion master also taught me,Hitting cattle。”
Finished,Just slapped up。
It was the face that was hit,But painful,Behind my face。
“Don’t know this trick,Brother Seven, have you ever practiced?”