[Efficacy and role of hawthorn char]_Hawthorn_Benefits_Inevitable


[Efficacy and role of hawthorn char]_Hawthorn_Benefits_Inevitable

Hawthorn charcoal is actually made from hawthorn. It is usually available in pharmacies and has medicinal value. It is mainly used for promoting blood circulation and preventing heatstroke. It is also good for treating postpartum occipital pain or lochia.effect.

1. Hawthorn charcoal, also known as Jiao Hawthorn, is actually a product of hawthorn. If it is not available in a Chinese medicine store, you can make it yourself.

Jiao Hawthorn mainly treats autumn diarrhea. Raw hawthorn has antipyretic appetizers, promoting blood circulation and dissipating blood stasis, preventing heatstroke, and lowering blood pressure.

The surface of the product is brown, and the interior is yellow-brown.

The fragrance is fragrant, sour and slightly astringent.

2, yellow coke hawthorn medicinal value, since ancient times, it has become a good medicine for spleen appetizer, digestion and stagnation, blood circulation.

At present, there are more than 50 kinds of traditional Chinese medicine formulas using hawthorn as raw materials. For example, the common appetizers and spleen medicines include “Hawthorn Pills” and “Jiaosanxian”.

Hawthorn uses fruits as medicinal ingredients, which have a mild temperature, sweet and sour sugar, enter the spleen, stomach, and liver meridians.

The sputum drink on the meat, full of swallowing acid, diarrhea and bowel wind, back pain and kidney qi, postpartum pillow pain, endless lochia, stagnation of milk in children, etc., can be cured.

3. Anti-cancer and anti-cancer research in recent years found that hawthorn contains a compound called vitexin, which has an anti-cancer effect.

Nitrosamines and aflatoxins cause the occurrence or aggravation of absorption tract cancers, and experimental studies have shown that hawthorn extract can replace the synthesis of nitrosamines and inhibit the carcinogenesis of aflatoxins.

Therefore, people at high risk of digestive tract cancer should often eat hawthorn. For patients who have already suffered from cancer, they can also use hawthorn and rice to cook porridge if they have indigestion, which can help digestion and help fight cancer.Role.
4, strong heart, blood lipid, blood pressure clinical studies have confirmed that hawthorn can significantly reduce serum insulin and triglycerides, effective atherosclerosis; Hawthorn can enhance myocardial contractility, increase cardiac output and expand coronary blood vesselsIt can increase the coronary blood flow, reduce myocardial oxygen consumption, and a series of cardiotonic and prevent angina pectoris.

In addition, the total flavonoids in hawthorn have the effect of dilating blood vessels and persistently lowering blood pressure.

Therefore, patients with hyperlipidemia, hypertension and coronary heart disease can take raw hawthorn 15?
30 grams, decoction for tea.